St. Patrick’s Day: Residents of these US states spend, and swig, the most at the pub

Survey reveals that residents of one northeastern state drink the most St. Patrick's Day brews, on average

Americans tend to view St. Patrick’s Day as one of the biggest drinking days of the year, and residents in some states are bigger spenders than others once the Irish spirit rolls into their local pub.

A new survey revealed which U.S. state residents spend the most — and drink the most — in celebration of the luck of the Irish, according to a study from 

Naturally pricey states like New York and New Jersey both appear in the top 10, while expensive drinks on the Las Vegas strip put Nevada into the no. 3 position.  

Glasses of beer

Glasses of beer are shown in this photo. A new survey shares some revealing information about state residents who spend the most — and drink the most — during St. Patrick's Day celebrations.  (iStock)

Here are the states in which residents dish out the most cash on brews and booze per person:

  1. New Jersey: $57.76
  2. District of Columbia: $56.67
  3. Nevada: $53.18
  4. Hawaii: $52.50
  5. Michigan: $52.33
  6. Texas: $49.94
  7. Florida: $49.52
  8. Wisconsin: $48.54
  9. Massachusetts: $48.16
  10. New York: $46.58

But even though people in these states spend the most — that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re also consuming the most. 


New Jersey, with the heaviest bar tab, landed only 20th on the list of states in which residents drink the most St. Patty’s brews.

The study shows that the states standing on wooden legs are led by Pennsylvania — whose residents consume the most drinks on average (4.26).

That's followed by Minnesota (4.19), Mississippi (4.16) and Missouri (4.07) — which is home of America’s largest brewer, Anheuser-Busch.

McSorley's Old Ale House, in the East Village of Manhattan, in New York, is shown here on Thursday, March 10, 2022.

Here are the states in which residents consume the most St. Patrick’s Day drinks on average:

  1. Pennsylvania: 4.26
  2. Minnesota: 4.19
  3. Mississippi: 4.16
  4. Missouri: 4.07
  5. Nevada: 3.92
  6. North Dakota: 3.88
  7. Massachusetts: 3.80
  8. West Virginia: 3.75
  9. Florida: 3.68
  10. Wyoming: 3.60

The survey confirmed that beer is consumed the most throughout the holiday, with 74.62% of Americans reporting they downed at least one pint. 


Mixed drinks (38.51%) and whiskey (29.02%) came in second and third.

Six pints of beer at McSorley's Old Ale House in Manhattan are shown on Thursday, March 10, 2022. (Nicole Rose)

Florida was recorded as the most social state, based on the percentage of residents who reported going out with friends or coworkers.

That state was followed by Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan and Minnesota.


The results, released in early March 2022, were based on a survey of 1,542 Americans who said they celebrate St. Patrick's Day. 

Respondents were 52% male and 48% female; the average age of respondents was 34 years old, according to time2play.