Michelin star chef calls power lunch comeback 'wonderful' as NYC returns to normal

NYC sees rise in restaurant-goers after rollback of COVID-related restrictions

After nearly two years of being locked down due to COVID, New York City restaurants are starting to see the comeback of the ‘power lunch’ as more employees trickle into their offices.

Daniel Boulud, a decorated Michelin star chef and restaurateur joined "Varney & Co." Friday to discuss the rise in social lunches as more people look to gather after returning to the office.

"People like to get together because they didn’t have this opportunity before to just get together, be social and work," Boulud said.

Boulud is the owner of the award-winning restaurant, Daniel, and many other eateries located throughout the city.

Daniel Boulud power lunch

Chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud discusses the 'power lunch' comeback during his appearance on "Varney & Co." on May 6, 2022. (Fox News)

The chef told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney that the "office momentum," as well as, tourism as one of the driving causes of foot traffic in his restaurants.


"We see that definitely the buildings are filling in, the people are coming back. We see it even after coming back out of work at 5 o'clock, 6 o'clock at the bar and all that. But also in general, hotels are filling in," Boulud explained.

The pandemic dimmed the city’s spark and vivid nature, casting doubts and concerns about its capability of returning to normal.

However, in recent months some employees have returned to their city offices after working from home during COVID lock downs.

"We see it. We see New York coming back very strong. I see it also on the Upper West Side. Now, as Lincoln Center is coming back, there's definitely more affluence there. Also, Broadway is coming back strong," he said.

Boulud described the uptick in restaurant-goers as "wonderful" amidst the return of social lunches.

"A lot of people want to go back to work because they feel better than working from home," Boulud told Varney.