Beyond Meat set to test out breakfast, lunch AND dinner at Hardee's & Carl's Jr.

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. are testing an expansion their meatless, plant-based menu to include Beyond Meat substitutes for breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees in select cities.

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Hardee’s will test a Beyond Breakfast Sausage Biscuit and an Original Beyond Thickburger for a limited time in the Raleigh, North Carolina, and Kansas City, Missouri, regional markets starting on October 16.

Hardee’s will be offering customers in those two markets either a free Beyond Breakfast Sausage Biscuit or an Original Beyond Thickburger with the purchase of a large drink on Monday, October 28 in celebration of the expanded, plant-based menu launch.

“Core to our brand DNA, at Hardee’s we’re always looking to offer new and innovative menu items that bring our customers the hand-crafted quality they know and love," Jenna Folk, Hardee's senior director of brand marketing, told QSR Magazine, a fast-food trade magazine. "The new test of Beyond Meat products for the Hardee’s menu is bringing today’s consumers the innovation they crave, morning, noon and night,”

Carl's Jr. and Hardee's parent company, CKE, offered plant-based meat substitutes early. Carl Jr.’s launched the Beyond Famous Star in December 2018, and the fast-food chain has sold more than 4.5 million Beyond Famous Stars, and now CKE is wants to replicate that success at Hardee’s.

“We’re kicking off the plant-based test in two markets with a strong college presence — we know college campuses and Gen Z specifically are helping to drive bold new conversations and lead culinary trends of the future, like the flexitarian diet," Folk said. "Knowing Beyond Meat is the market leader in the category, and with the tremendous success we’ve had at Carl’s Jr., we’re thrilled to expand the partnership in select Hardee’s restaurants.”

The Original Beyond Thickburger will feature a Beyond Burger patty, which will be charbroiled, and topped with tomato, lettuce, dill pickles, red onions, ketchup, mayo and mustard all on a toasted bun.The Beyond Breakfast Sausage Biscuit will include a Beyond Breakfast Sausage patty in between Hardee’s homemade biscuits.

“Hardee’s has a strong heritage across the Southeast and their desire to offer the Beyond Burger and Beyond Breakfast Sausage reflects an important shift in the demand for plant-based meat,” said Ethan Brown, CEO and Founder, Beyond Meat. “We’re excited to make plant-based options accessible in more and more communities as we move toward a better-for-you, more sustainable future.”

As for pricing, the Original Beyond Thickburger starts at $5.99, while the Beyond Breakfast Sausage Biscuit starts at $2.99.