Your Guide to Making Difficult Decision at Work and at Home

Who among has hasn't been paralyzed by decision before? Even something as simple as choosing where to eat on your lunch break can turn into a morass of multiple choice.

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And when the stakes are higher than gustatory satisfaction? Decisions can wrack us with agony, anxiety, and a slew of other counterproductive, highly stressful emotions.

Have you ever found yourself almost sick with worry over how to proceed on a new project for your company's biggest client? That's the kind of decision we're talking about.

Luckily, there's help for us all in the form of this new infographic from personal loan providers On Stride Financial. The infographic explores the reason why some decisions are harder than others and breaks the decision-making process into four easy steps:

Identify the problem.

Generate alternative solutions.

Evaluate your options.

Select the best decision.

Check out the full infographic below for a complete guide to knocking your next decision out of the park, no matter how tough it seems: