YG Reloaded: No Crying Babies Here

This baby has grown up quickly.

Since speaking to Happy Baby founder Shazi Visram in 2009, her organic baby food company has gone from 9 employees to over 70, with more than $13 million in sales in 2010.

With its growth, the company, which now offers healthy products for all ages, has renamed itself HappyFamily to broaden its scope.

“Since we last spoke, we have really expanded our offerings,” Visram explained. “We just realized that 'happy' was a great platform for health and wellness for today’s young family.”

From Happybellies cereal to Happybaby juice pouches to yogurt snacks called Happyyogis, it’s evident that the brand imparts a healthy alternative to consumers—and they seem to like what they’re eating.

“The dream is that every baby deserves to be a happy baby...."

- Shazi Visram, HappyBaby CEO

“We’ve grown exponentially so now we’re in over 14,000 stores,” said Visram.

They include Whole Food, Kroger's, Publix, and Duane Reade, and the company is now in around 30 countries across the world .

“The dream is that every baby deserves to be a happy baby and Moms are really looking for things to make them feel good about what they're doing for their children,” said Visram. “You can go out there and spend $1,000 on a stroller and a $100 on a pair of shoes that your baby will grow out of in 3-4 weeks.”

But, she said, what babies eat is most crucial—and Visram should know.

Since we last spoke to her in 2009, this young entrepreneur became a mother for the first time: She has a two-year-old son, Zane.

“He is such an inspiration,” she said, “because you have this pure, little ball of energy around always inspiring you to do what’s right and to make the decisions that are not only fiscally responsible, and that’s really who we are.”

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