Yahoo News Teams Up With Facebook To Curate Content From Your Friends

Yahoo News, one of the most popular news portals on the web, is deepening its integration with Facebook. Yahoo has formed integrations with the social network in the past with its products, but we’re told this is one of the most in-depth implementations to date. That’s because Yahoo is working with Facebook’s open graph to integrate your friends’ activity into your Yahoo News experience.

The new Yahoo News friends’ activity feature lets people discover and connect around the news and information they are enjoying on Yahoo through updates on Facebook. Once Facebook users opt-in to sharing conte, you’ll be able to see your Facebook friends’ on Yahoo News and the recent articles they’ve read. People’s activity will also be featured back on their Facebook profile as it happens.

On Yahoo News, you’ll see a dashboard at the top of the page, called the ‘Facebar’ with your friends profile pictures. You can click on your friends’ profile and see what they’re reading on Yahoo. A Friends’ Tab displays the articles your friends have recently viewed.

As part of the new social content experience, people will also be able to feature their TV watching activity o on their Facebook profile. This content will appear on people’s profiles under “Most Watched” and “Most Recently Watched.” People will also be able to discover new content based on their friends’ activity.

The friends’ activity feature will be incorporated into Yahoo media properties and international markets in the next few months.

Yahoo! News saus that 80% of its are already on Facebook and its News content is among the most shared on Facebook, so the integration makes sense. It’s fairly simple for now, but it should be interesting to see what other news sites integrate this in the next few weeks.