Yahoo! Introduces A “New Mail” Experience: More Intuitive, Fewer Distractions And Built For Speed

By Drew OlanoffTech Crunch

Today, Yahoo! introduced an update to its popular mail service, with its CEO Marissa Mayer taking the reigns of the Yahoo! Blog to discuss it. Brand new versions of Yahoo! Mail, one of its flagship products, is now available on all devices, and will be rolling out on the web soon.

Coming from Google, Mayer knows the importance of having a solid Email product, a service that is probably the original social network and something that most people in the world use daily. This appears to be the first significant redesign for Yahoo Mail since 2010.

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Basically, you wake up and check email before anything else these days. You also check it before you go to bed. Some of us check it during the night.

Here’s what Mayer had to say about the redesign:

Good start?

As Yahoo! starts fresh, coming off as very partner-friendly, one must wonder what’s next for the company. It’s obvious that Mayer has come in and focused on the products that people use the most. Perhaps we’ll see an update to its homepage soon, its photo service, or even the dropping of the !. I kid. Kind of.

Listening to your users, as Mayer tells us that she does, is the right way to get out of the gates with her new company. You really can never go wrong by taking a step back, looking at what’s going on in the marketplace, and then fixing your own products accordingly. Yahoo! had to keep up in the email race. It’s not one that’s over by any stretch, no matter how popular Gmail is. We all know people who prefer Yahoo! Mail, and regardless of their demographic, Mayer and company would like to keep them.

Don’t hold out for this homepage redesign, though.

[Photo credit: Flickr]