Working Insane Hours? It's Only OK if ...

So what words of wisdom helped me run my small business this week?  Thoughts on the fiscal cliff, the president’s tweetchat and of course, the holidays. Here’s a few I liked.

@tedalexandro My notebook says "College Ruled." Bit of an overstatement.

@robdelaney Kickstarter campaigns make me think “Good for you; power to the people!” & “Have you NO shame?” at the exact same time.

@thesulk "Eh, I'm runnin' outta money there, Normy." (Fiscal Cliff Clavin)

@dmscott Inbound marketing success comes from acting like a publisher, not an advertiser.

@johnhawkinsrwn My thoughts on the fiscal cliff: A good deal is better than no deal, but no deal is better than a bad deal.

‏@johnhawkinsrwn It's possible to justify working insane hours to yourself when you're succeeding, but not if you're failing.

@larry_kudlow Once again I ask, why is everybody talking about higher taxes in the fiscal cliff story instead of lower spending? It's a spending problem.

‏@cstross I use the word “computer” to indicate a useful work platform, not a toy/ebook reader/content browser.

@dennis_crystal An idea is just an #idea ...when it makes an #impact on an organisation ..that's #innovation@BarackObama Why not just raise taxes on the top tax bracket (income > $388,350) instead of income > $250,000? #FiscalCliff#economy

@whitehouse hey guys - this is barack. ready to answer your questions on fiscal cliff & #my2k. Let's get started. -bo

@ReformedBroker President Obama using Twitter to answer Fiscal Cliff questions today. Just like Millard Fillmore.

@Reuters FLASH: "Can't promise U.S. won't go over the fiscal cliff, decision lies in the hands of Republicans" - U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner

@Shama I heard of a new phenomenon today. Low Battery Anxiety - feeling anxious about your draining battery. Do you suffer from this?

‏@JenKirkman I hope Ashton Kutcher goes so method act-y in his role as Steve Jobs that he invents a way to make Siri more functional.

@profsufi we have TON of high quality evidence on effects of fiscal stimulus that rely on careful counter-factual estimation, not silly simple graphs

@justinwolfers I was about to look up this morning's ADP report, but fortunately, just in the nick of time, I remembered I don't care.

‏@econjared Jeez...If the Wizards can beat the Heat, surely the rest of us can resolve the fiscal cliff.

‏@jimcramer Can GOP reps actually violate the No-Tax pledge and get away with it? The futures say yes

‏@timhawkinscomic Call Me Maybe nominated for song of the year. Fiscal cliff one day, musical cliff the next.

@birbigs Grover Norquist is making up for a lifetime of being mocked for his name.

@Nouriel Bearish ECB forecasts for 2013- EZ recession & below target inflation - imply a Dovish ECB in 2013. So Scrooge pospones Xmas gifts to Easter


Hey politicians, instead of "my way or the highway," how about "let's travel TOGETHER!!!" #thinkaboutit

@LisaBarone Facebook paid a billion dollars for a filtering app. Thats how you know content and images matter. #clc

@TheNardvark If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of this meeting.

@rainnwilson "Blessed are the top 2% of income earners for verily they are the job creators." -The Bible

@JonahLuptonThere are 8 female entrepreneurs for every 10 male entrepreneurs.

@CuseMobIf you're not handing out a note thanking your customer for their business and why it is important they #BuyLocal - You're losing #business.

@JenKirkman If meeting Zeppelin last week doesn't inspire Obama to start his State of the Union with: "This year, America got the Led out," I'll be

@demingSoSWrong Style of #Management: Competition w/out cooperation. Getting a bigger slice of the pie, but not making the pie bigger.

@larryfreed #BigData without great #analytics is a time-consuming excercise in futility. Big Data and great analytics is a compeititve advantage.

@Bill_Gross  "Why do we exist & why should anyone care?" Key question every #startup should ask according to #LeanStartup@nicolatillin  "he uses statistics like a drunk uses lamp-posts - for support rather than illumination"

@CMBernard3  Beware of social media buttons that ask you to link with your other networks - this is not always a good thing! #SMM #marketing@ValaAfshar  "we have Twitter, we're a social business" is like "we have an oven mitt, we're a gourmet restaurant"@Chande  in 2012, people are sending sales emails like: learn #seo in 2 days. yes. and pigs fly

@CirionGroup  A good laugh is always welcome, whether in business or personal life, It lightens the mood and breaks down barriers #smallbiz

@YFSEricaNicoleIn business you've got to get up in the morning with determination if you’re going to go to sleep with satisfaction. #smallbiz #startup

@StuartAllenFCMIThe most important person in a businesses organisational chart is the CUSTOMER! Do they feature in yours? #bizitalk #business #custserv@MooreWhen it comes to amazing support it takes these qualities in this order: 1) personality 2) empathy 3) accuracy 4) speed #custserv

@billquisengOffer #custserv so great that when the customer leaves you, he is telling others, "That's the best thing that has happened to me today!"

@jimmyfallon Mayor Bloomberg announced that NYC will hold a contest to redesign the city’s payphones. The top prize: a brand new Walkman! #fallonmono