Woman Slashed During Inauguration Day Tells Her Story

While most protests on Inauguration Day remained peaceful, a few incidents turned violent. One Trump supporter said she was slashed by someone from behind.

Emily Woodyard, who reported the event to Capitol Police, joined Risk & Reward on FOX Business to explain what happened to her during the inauguration.

“My husband… was in front of me and to the right because that’s where a majority of the protesters were,” she said. “One of them came behind me and I thought just pushed me in the back. And I turned a little over my shoulder to see if anything else was coming. Nothing was, I ignored it, I went through. We went to the inauguration, didn’t think anything of it. That evening when I went to put on my coat, I realized it wasn’t a shove—my coat had been slashed.”

Woodyard explained that the tear was at the back of her shoulder, adding that it was the coat itself that saved her from being injured.

“This fur coat is very thick, thank goodness, because if not, it had gone through the fur, the lining—it would’ve cut me if the coat had been any thinner,” she said.