Why Everyone is Talking About 'The Taco Cleanse'

taco cleanse

If you’re into tacos, then “The Taco Cleanse” might be the book for you.

Four Austin friends have turned their love for tacos into a media buzz and a sold out book.

“The Taco Cleanse” which debuted in December, has already sold out its first print run of about 10,000 copies.

“They just started reprinting more books when all the media craze started. And, I believe they’re making double this round too,” says Jessica Morris, co-author of the book.

The book debuted in The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times and exploded when actress Jennifer Aniston talked about it during an interview. The concept behind it is to spoof traditional cleanses and get people back to enjoying food again through their vegan taco recipes.

“Instead of a master cleanse where you only drink water, lemon, and a pinch of cayenne all day, we call ours ‘The Minor cleanse’ and we add tequila,” adds Stephanie Bogdanich, co-author and self-proclaimed “Doctor of Tacology.”

The authors say their idea and passion for tacos came from their home state of Texas.

taco cleanse 2

“We’re all from Austin, which is the home of tacos. People eat tacos all the time here,” says Morris.

And when they all decided to go on a ‘taco cleanse’ for 30 days, the city got behind them. “We blogged about it and did social media using the hashtag #thetacocleanse and people really got into it,” adds Morris. “Every time someone posted a picture of a taco, they would tag us.”

And, six months later they got a phone call asking if they would be interested in writing a book.

“We were like is this spam? Are you for real?” adds Bogdanich, who says she’s not surprised by the hype. “I knew people would get behind a cleanse like this. People are sick of trying to be their puritan best and they want to do something fun and be happy and enjoy themselves. That’s why we wrote the book.”

As for the future, the taco lovers say “the world is their taco" and anything is possible.