White House's new paint job: Color, cost and other fun facts

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The White House is getting a makeover, courtesy of a few hundred gallons of specialty paint designed to preserve the storied building.

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Painting crews have been working throughout the week to give the entire White House exterior a fresh coat. The West Wing alone requires 300 gallons of Duron “Whisper White” paint, FOX Business correspondent Edward Lawrence reported.


The “Whisper White” paint costs about $150 per gallon, meaning the West Wing received a paint upgrade that cost at least $45,000. Crews will use roughly 570 gallons of paint for the entire project, according to the White House Historical Association, which amounts to paint costs of more than $85,000.

The Duron “Whisper White” paint is made in Germany. The paint is meant to help preserve aging buildings by allowing moisture to escape from underneath while protecting the structure from the elements.

Photo by Edward Lawrence/FOX Business Network


Though construction on the building began in 1792, President Theodore Roosevelt officially coined the name “White House” in 1901. The building is composed of sandstone from Virginia.

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