Where Are All the Skilled Workers Migrating To?

With all the recent clashes and controversies regarding immigration in America, it might be easy to forget that skilled workers have plenty of options when it comes to migrating. If they can't come to the U.S., there are other countries that want them.

Recently, the folks at KDM Engineering analyzed data from the United Nations and the Global Talent Competitiveness Index in order to rank the top 25 countries according to their ability to attract and retain migrant talent.

The infographic measures each country according to a variety of criteria, including:

- the status of market landscapes in the nation;

- the nation's ability to attract companies and skilled talent;

- the nation's ability to offer growth opportunities, like internships and education, to immigrant workers;

- and the nation's average quality of life.

Check out the full list below to find out where all the top talent is migrating to: