What You Shouldn't (and Should) buy in June

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Pass on These Items in June

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Bargain shopping this June is all about timing.

For most of June, shoppers will see deals on everything from kitchen tools to digital cameras and smartphones.

But if you're searching for deep discounts on items such as air conditioning, summer clothes or strappy sandals, the best is yet to come. Generous price cuts on those items will likely come later in the year.

As June gives way to July and temperatures soar, prices should drop on some of the summer mainstays, such as barbecue grills and patio furniture. (Find the best deals during the last weekend of the month, just before the Fourth of July.)

Looking for some travel bargains? Instead of flying to Europe, think cruising to Alaska. Or chill out with a taste of winter in Southern Hemisphere venues such as Argentina or Australia.

If you're trying to trim those receipts, here are items that probably won't be bargain-priced most of June, along with a few things that will be on sale.

What Not to Buy in June: Barbecue Grills

Buy a grill before the end of June, and you'll pay close to full price, says Sharon Banfield, spokeswoman for PriceGrabber.com.

But wait until around July Fourth, and you'll see sales of up to 40% off, she says.

And technically, that's during the last two days of this month, Banfield says. Historically, many merchants run their Fourth of July sales the weekend before the holiday.

What is on Sale in June: Kitchen Gadgets and Accessories.

While items for the outdoor kitchen may be full-price through most of June, things for the indoor kitchen often are on sale. Think wedding and graduation season, Banfield says. Kitchen items make popular wedding and engagement gifts, "And graduating students need these items as they move away," she says.

You can save about 30% to 35%, Banfield says.

What Not to Buy in June: Patio Furniture

Need a place for you and the guests to sit when you fire up the grill? You're probably not going to find any big buys during most of June, Banfield says.

But, just as with grills, there's a sweet spot. If you can wait until the period right around July Fourth, you'll see some deep discounts, she says. By waiting until then, you can save up to 35% off.

If you don't mind waiting until August, you can save up to half off, Banfield says. "Merchants are wanting to stock their shelves with winter-related items. They're really going to want to clear their inventory."

What is on sale in June: Power tools. While you can't find big price cuts on supplies for the patio, you can find some deals to outfit the workshop.

And it's no coincidence that tools are on sale right before Father's Day, Banfield says. You can save up to 25%.

What Not to Buy in June: Summer Sandals

For summer sandals, you can find small price cuts -- up to 10% off -- in most of June, Banfield says. You'll see better buys in the pre-July Fourth sales (often starting June 28 or 29). And that's when you can save as much as 40%.

But wait until August, and "you're going to see around 50%," Banfield says. "That's when they're going to be stocking for back to school."

Ditto other "summer" fashions, such as dresses and swimwear, she says. Hit those Fourth of July sales in late June and save up to 40%. Or wait until late in the summer -- around August -- and get a half-off deal on whatever is still in stock.

What is on sale in June: Lingerie. You can thank Victoria's Secret for that, Banfield says. The store holds its well-publicized semiannual sale in June, "and a lot of merchants are mirroring that." You can save up to 50%, Banfield says.

What not to Buy in June: Air Conditioning

If you're already hot under the collar, June is probably not the best time to find a buy on cooling supplies, says Andrea Woroch, savings expert with CouponSherpa.com.

From desk fans to room air conditioners to housewide systems and repairs, you won't find a lot of discounts on air-cooling products and services in June, she says.

Find better deals: starting in September. Labor Day sales will kick off the better prices on air-conditioning products that you'll see in September and October, Woroch says. Expect to save at least 20% -- savings are likely to get better as the weather gets cooler.

What is on sale in June: Paint. So while you might not find discounts on those air-conditioning repairs, you can get a good deal on that color you want for your walls.

"It's less wet, so it's a good time to paint," Banfield says. "And people are refreshing their homes." Save about 25% off the price of interior and exterior paints.

What not to Buy in June: Summer Sports Equipment

For bikes, inline skates, tennis racquets and the like, when it comes to price, "June is probably the worst time to buy," Woroch says. That's because the weather's perfect for going outside, and demand is high.

But face it: If you wait until summer is over to buy sports equipment, you might not use it for almost a year. (And what fun is that?) To get a deal in June on sporting goods, look for last year's model, Woroch says. It's a strategy she recently used to save $250 off a high-end bike. The only difference: a minor change in the styling of the brake cables, she says.

You'll find better prices in September and October, Woroch says. At that point, you can expect to save 25% to 30%.

What is on sale in June: Digital cameras and smartphones. You can save from 20% to 30%, depending on the store, make and model, Banfield says.

What Not to Buy in June: Travel to Europe

In June, Europe is "coming into high season," says Peter Greenberg, CBS News travel editor and founder of PeterGreenberg.com. When it comes to cost, "That's not a good deal," he says.

If you're looking for more affordable European travel, try going in September, Greenberg says. "You save a lot, and it's the best weather you can imagine. (You save) anywhere between 25 (percent) to 40%."

Travel tip: Book September trips in August. Discounts for European travel begin around Sept. 10, and you can start finding those deals around Aug. 10, Greenberg says.

What is on sale in June: "Last-minute cruises to Alaska," Greenberg says. Depending on the cruise and accommodations, you can save from $150 to $400 per cabin off the regular summer prices, he says.

Travel to the Southern Hemisphere is on sale in June, too, Greenberg says. From Australia to the wine country of western Argentina, you can find discounts on hotels and airfare from 20% to 30% off, he says.

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