What Caused Delta's Humpty Dumpty Moment?

As Delta works to recuperate after a massive computer outage forced flight cancellations and stranded thousands of passengers, JetBlue and Azul Airlines Founder David Neeleman, in an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, discussed what went wrong.

“You have so many components on a flight--crew, and you have… the airports and when you get out of sync like that, to bring all those components back together again. I used to say ‘Humpty Dumpty bring me back together again.’ It’s really hard, it takes days to recover from that,” said JetBlue and Azul Founder David Neeleman.

Neeleman said dated technology may have played a role.

“This was, appeared to be just a power outage,” he said. “There are always these weak spots that you never know until it happens, so you need to test that … all the time.”