Welcome Congress, Now Take the Year Off

A new year and a new fiscal cliff dominated small business tweets this week.


So far best thing about 2013 is you can pull the tail around of the last 2 in 2012 to make it a 3 when you write the date wrong. Good tweet.


Changed my iPod name to Titanic. It's syncing now.


Face everything. Avoid nothing.

@ValaAfshar  By 2016, 40% of new IT investments are going to be where the Line of Business executive is the decision maker.

@levieThis year, $3.7 trillion will be spent on IT. Instead of collecting taxes, the US government should just sell enterprise software.

@smoothsaleWhen prospects speak, listen for underlying problems.

@marthaheller #CIO Quote of the Day: "If your #CFO asks you to troubleshoot his computer, solicit his help with your next tax return."

@mikevanhornExample of a culture of smallness: Your customers expect to see your face when they come in. You stop your work to serve them.

@JonahLupton  I love companies that have programs allowing you to earn points or credits for referring new customers. More companies need to offer these.

@alanlepo  While Windows 8 live tiles sound good, they have yet to provide me enough info that I've not had to open the full app. ex: Mail, Calendar

@gitomerYou could double your #business if you got every one of your present customers to REFER one more customer just like themselves.

 ‏@HarveyMackay  If you want to learn how to sell, here’s how to start at the primal level: Ask people for money.

@mvnash  Taking pictures w/an iPad is the new fanny pack

@SangitaSri1,700,000,000 apps downloaded in the last week of 2012 alone - apps are here to stay.

@thehealthmavenNew Media brings those on the fringe of a company more central, especially if global & gives them a voice - lends faster innovation

@AndreeaHirica  I hear a tendency of filtering down the social volume for some 2013 incubation time. Excited to see the output.

@skap5In 2013 business models will move to the center of the innovation conversation.

@LoisMarketing  Economy an overall challenge. But companies need to seriously look within to specifics challenging their innovation

@KnowledgeBishop  In the era of empowerment, rude brands will leak customers like a wet paper sack.@indecision

No one at Al Jazeera is worried that being associated with Current TV will make them seem less appealing to Americans?


If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait 'til you hire an amateur.


Congratulations to the new 113th Congress. Take the rest of the year off.


Congress is tanking so hard NBC just moved them to Fridays at 10.@MacNaughtonArt

I'm beginning to think that the only reason we have 2 houses of Congress is so the old men have an excuse to never go back home.


My new Mayan Calendar arrived.


Happy birthday to whoever was born on 1/1/2000. You are literally the first teen born in this millennium. Your existence frightens me.


Attention countries we are trying to convert to democracy: Please, look away for a while. Thank you.


I hear they just got Twitter in Canada. It's called "Twitter, he?"


The flip phone is the new leprosy.


Ok now that we've reached a deal on the fiscal cliff can we talk about real issues like why do people now wear backpacks well in their 40s?


I'm gonna name my kid Void so it won't be able to cash its paychecks.

@JohnEdginton#ThingsThatWorkBetterThanCongress iPhone batteries

@BuzzFeedAndrew Well, at the least the west coast hasn't gone off the fiscal cliff yet.

@curtmercadante Whoa this fiscal cliff is rough so far! I've had a falling sensation since midnight. ‏@AriFleischer We need a spending cliff to replace the fiscal cliff. It's time for a showdown over government spending.‏@ronflatter Those who took seriously the faux panic and cry-wolf warnings about the #fiscalcliff may need to reboot their gullibility threshold.

‏@jimcramer I think Obama will try a constitutional challenge to debt limit stalemate, but let’s hope Soc Sec and Medicare spending curtailed sensibly‏@smoothsale The customer is not right 100% of the time, but UR business depends upon UR customer service policies. Review them often!

@joebrusuelas The pending deal does not put the primary budget on a path towards balance. First in a series of reforms necessary to right fiscal path.

@deficitowl Since an extension of payroll tax cut isn't part of deal, pay checks for 160 million+ Americans will be 2 percent smaller starting in Jan.

@DaveKerpen Don't sell, tell.

@garyvee It's 2013 - wasn't it 2003 .. 5 seconds ago?

@llsethj Can we wait for CES to start before publishing the 'Apple won CES' posts?

@AaronCBaker I'm hoping they release some sweet beepers at CES this year

 ‏@Hyken Confidence is a product of consistently delivering a better-than-average experience every time you interact with the customer.

@joebrusuelas The US budget deal will likely create a1.7% fiscal drag on economy creating conditions for another sub 2% year of growth.

@JimPethokoukis Potomac Research predicts "government will technically default for a few days in March before a deficit-cutting deal is reached"