Websites to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

By FOXBusiness

The start of a new year means creating resolutions, but change can be hard and easily get back-burnered. Thankfully, there are a slew of websites that will help users stay on track and meet their pledges. Some use moral support while others rely on financial incentives to keep you incentivized. There’s even one that aims to annoy you into meeting your goals

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So before setting your goals for 2013, check out these four websites:

Start  A Resolution 

This site offers support and coaching from a complete stranger to help you stick to your resolutions.  Similar to a chain letter, you enter your resolution in a circle on the right hand side of the webpage along with some information like the reason for the resolution along with your email address and you’ll be assigned a coach to help you meet your goal.

The person who joined before you will be the one to coach you and you’ll be the coach for the person who joins after you. You can send inspiration emails or messages. The higher your involvement on the site the bigger your circle gets.

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Sometimes all it takes is a gentle reminder or an annoying email to keep you on track with you goals. Visitors to HassleMe enter their resolutions along with when they might need a nudge and the site will send email reminders at unpredictable intervals to keep your pledge fresh in your mind.  Many of the “hassles” include reminders about working out, running and paying a cellphone bill

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According to the people behind, it takes 21 days to form a habit which is exactly the amount of time they give you to accomplish a goal. Whether it’s to lose weight, be more social or be a better person, the site holds you to your promise. Users can choose to go solo or be part of a group of people with similar goals and for 21 days the site will send you an email asking you if you reached your goal for the day. You can keep your resolution private or go public with your plans, and according to Habitforge, 1.2 million successful days have been logged so far.

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For some people money talks, and that’s exactly what is banking on.

Users of the site can create commitment contracts that bind them to achieving a personal goal. The first step is to set your goal and set a time frame to meet that goal along with a monetary value to serve as an incentive to succeed. Let’s say your goal is to lose 20 pounds in 20 weeks and you put $10 at stake each week. Every week that you don’t lose a pound your credit card will be charged $10. You choose whether or not you want to designate a referee to monitor your progress and finally who you want to cheer you on.  Once the contract is over, Stickk will send the money you lost to the recipient of your choice.