NFL's Washington Redskins unveil gambling-focused preseason telecast, making history

The Washington Redskins will unveil the NFL’s first gambling-themed telecast this preseason, offering prizes to fans who correctly predict in-game developments in real-time.

The Redskins will run the “predictive gaming” contests for each of the team’s four preseason games on NBC Sports Washington Plus in a separate telecast from the main broadcast feed. Fans can answer various questions and make predictions tied to player and team performance, with top scorers earning $1,000 cash per quarter.

The questions will appear on-screen during the broadcast, though answers must be submitted via mobile or desktop devices. The game is free to play and debuts on Thursday, when the Redskins face the Cleveland Browns in their preseason opener.

"This partnership strategically aligns with our organization’s commitment to constant innovation for our fans. We are continuously working to enhance the fan experience and strive to identify new, meaningful ways for our incredible fans to engage with our team."

The Redskins received NFL approval to air the telecasts in a one-year trial run, the Action Network reported. Some participants will have a chance to win “second chance” prizes, including game tickets and VIP experiences, the team said.

"We are committed to delivering the most engaging experience possible to fans, so the opportunity to partner with the Redskins to combine live NFL action with predictive gaming this preseason is something we are very excited about," said Damon Phillips, NBC Sports Washington senior vice president and general manager.


Professional sports leagues have softened their stances on gambling since the U.S. Supreme Court reversed a longstanding federal ban on sports betting. Washington, D.C. legalized sports betting earlier this year.