Want a Date? Get a Higher Credit Score

A new report from Bankrate (NYSE:RATE) finds that one's credit score affects their chances of getting a date. Specifically, someone would be less interested in a potential partner if they had a low credit score.

In particular, millennials are the most likely to judge a date based on credit score, with 42% saying this in the survey.

"One reason why young adults are the most concerned about dating and credit scores is because they’re the largest group of adults that are still dating. Many of them are in the thick of dating right now and may be dealing with boyfriends or girlfriends who are not as financially responsible as they are" says Mike Cetera, Bankrate.com’s personal loans and credit analyst.

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Bankrate also found that 34% of Americans have never reviewed their credit score.

"Both young adults (18-29) and senior citizens (65+) are the age groups most likely to say they’ve never checked their credit reports or credit scores. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these are the 2 age groups that are probably less likely to buy a house or a car than the others. This is the time many people check their credit history – when they’re thinking about taking out a big loan" says Cetera.