Virgin’s New In-Flight Pick Up Service: Clever or Creepy?

By FOXBusiness

Think the person sitting across the aisle on your flight is cute? Well don’t just sit there—send over a drink! Or a bag of pretzels.

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Virgin America is allowing passengers to make potential connections on board with its new, first-of-its-kind, Red seat-to-seat delivery service that allows passengers to identify a passenger to send a drink or food item.

The service is available on all Virgin America Flights and uses the company’s Red in-flight entertainment system.

Virgin announced the service to mark its latest expansion in Las Vegas, connecting flights from Vegas to Los Angeles. Travelers are able to send in-flight cocktails and food to fellow passengers and follow up with a text message on its seat-to-seat chat function.

The company’s CEO Sir Richard Branson said in a release that there’s a 50% chance you may meet someone using the new flirty service.

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Virgin told that the service just rolled out this week, so it does not yet have numbers on people using it, nor does it have guest testimonials.

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