Vegas' Competitive Adult Pool Industry


Las Vegas' Competitive Adult Pool Party Market

The creative marketing efforts of Las Vegas adult pools heats up in an effort to attract more customers in an increasingly competitive market.

Adult pools in Las Vegas are more than just bikinis and cabanas. For marketing executives, the challenge of trying to stand out can be a difficult one.

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"It's a very competitive pool market you've got here in Las Vegas," said Patrick Miller, vice president of marketing at the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas.

Miller represents Moorea, a smaller adult pool party at the Mandalay Bay, which brings in a couple hundred folks per party. He's up against dayclub heavyweights day in and day out in Sin City.

One of his competitors is Wet Republic at the MGM Grand, which relies on celebrity star power like P. Diddy and the Kardashians.

"Celebrities really enjoy Wet Republic simply because we're very discreet and very private," said Rebeccah Gannon, director of guest services for the Angel Management Group.

Marquee Dayclub at the Cosmopolitan Hotel is another one of the larger dayclubs and offers a rooftop view of the strip.

"It's 22,000 feet on a roof deck…all the other pools stand on ground level," said Jason Strauss, managing partner of the TAO Group.

There's also Ditch Fridays at The Palms, which brings in thousands of people every Friday who are, well, ditching their responsibilities on the last day of the week.

"We thought if we created a reason for them to come out earlier, hence the name 'Ditch,' ditch school, ditch whatever you got going on during your week to come out here and party early," said Jon Gray, senior vice president and general manager of the N9ne Group.

In order to compete with rooftops, celebs, and thousands of people ditching work or school, Moorea offers one small competitive advantage: bikini tops are optional.

"You've got a lot of megaclubs that can fit up to 1,500 or 2,000 people," said Miller. "Moorea offers a more intimate venue where it's more relaxing, more for that resort atmosphere."

Relaxing indeed.

The pool party, "Toptional," gives women the chance to take off their bikini tops if they'd like. Cabanas start at $500 and daybeds run $225. You don't have to purchase either in order to lose the tops, or watch folks lose their tops for that matter.

But is the idea of losing bikini tops for the sake of competition taking things a bit too far?

Miller doesn't think so.

"It's very casual, very upscale," said Miller. "It's not an in-your-face-element with the European-style bathing."

So, let the rat race for adult pool party supremacy begin. Just make sure to bring your sunscreen.