Using Science for Triathlon Training


Small Business Spotlight: TriDot, @TriDotTrainingWho: Jeff BooherWhat: A scientific training system for triathletesWhen: 2010Where: South Lake, TexasHow: Founder Jeff Booher started competing in triathlons himself, but says he was disappointed in the scientific quality of training materials. “The more I researched training methods, I could not find anything rooted in true science,” says Booher. “They produced some great athletes, but they couldn’t explain how and why you would repeat that training.” Booher says general guidelines that suggested more training was better resulted in overuse injuries, which he also wanted to avoid. So, he started designing assessments to figure out a smarter way to train for triathlons, resulting in TriDot, which looks at each sport separately, and designs training for each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.Biggest challenge: Booher says one major challenge was operational, in that he was spending hundreds of thousands on research and infrastructure, while working a full-time job to pay the bills. Now that the company has his full attention, he says the hurdle is explaining to people how TriDot’s strategy differs from other training tools.One moment in time: “We are really making a difference in people’s lives,” says Booher, describing one 330-pound man who was able to use TriDot to compete in an Ironman race, losing over 100 pounds in the process.Best business advice: Don’t give away equity if you can avoid it. “I was going to look for equity partners,” says Booher, until he got advice not to. Since becoming profitable, Booher is glad he tightened his belt financially and made it work before giving away a piece of his company.