Unlimited Television and Groceries on Demand

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Boxee has a great new product that gives you all-you-can-watch TV for a very low price. An online social site helps parents find a babysitter, and now you can order ingredients for tonight’s dinner while you wait for your morning train with a little help from Peapod.

TV without Limits

The folks at Boxee have a new product that promises to change the way you watch TV without hurting your wallet, and for those of you who find it difficult to stay within the limits of your DVR space, you’ll find this to be a very good thing.

Boxee combines DVR technology with the power of the cloud to build the first No Limits DVR. Not only can you store unlimited shows and movies in the cloud, but you can also access it from anywhere – your TV, your laptop or your tablet – and it’s just $14.99 per month.

The No Limits DVR is set to hit select cities before yearend, including New York, LA and Chicago, plus five other metro areas. More cities are expected to get access next year. Boxee TV, which allows access to broadcast TV channels plus Internet apps (like Hulu and Netflix NASDAQ:NFLX) and unlimited DVR space, will be available next month and has a retail price of just $99.

21st Century Babysitters Club

A San Francisco startup has a solution for anyone who needs an easy and safe option for child care. It’s called Urban Sitter and it puts parents in touch with babysitters recommended by friends in their social circle, whether they need a new nanny, an occasional Friday-night-out sitter or for a last-minute change of plans.

Parents in cities like New York, Boston, LA, Chicago, Seattle and Denver can search by a sitter’s availability or post a job, then look at potential caregivers’ experience, pay rate and background check. The site is set up so that sitters can accept online or cash payment.

Check it out at UrbanSitter.com and take it with you by downloading the iOS app in the app store.

Groceries on Demand

Between work, school, the gym and other errands, who has time to go to the grocery store in the midst of rush hour on the way home? Peapod lets you order your grocery items from your local commuter train platform for delivery or pickup, taking the hassle out of stopping at the store and scouring the aisles for products that may or may not be there. All you need is an Android or iOS app for your smartphone to scan the QR code of advertised items and select your delivery window. These track-side ads are finding their way into Philadelphia, New York, Boston and other areas, so be on the lookout.

Peapod is available in various Midwestern cities and along the east coast. Click here to enter your zip code and find out if your neighborhood on the delivery route.

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