Uber Riots Erupt in Paris

Riots are erupting in Paris, as taxi drivers are burning tires and violently protesting Uber.

The car service, known as Uberpop in France, has been contested in Paris courts, but legal ambiguity has allowed the company to remain a competitive threat to the taxi industry.

Roads to French airport, Charles de Gaulle (CDG) were completely blocked on Thursday. Passengers were warned that the only way to access the airport is by train.

News of the protests spread on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), as public figures including Courtney Love tweeted about the ongoing chaos.

Venture capitalist and Uber board member, Shervin Pishevar, also tweeted about his experience.

Uber has faced regulatory opposition in metropolitan areas throughout the world as the popular service increasingly displaces transportation workers. The ongoing situation in Paris is shaping up to be the most heated protest yet.

A spokesperson for Uber gave a statement. "Uber firmly condemns the recent acts of violence against Uber partners and their cars, perpetrated today in Paris and in other French cities; whatever the anger, violence is never acceptable. Uber wishes to underline the fact that no French court of justice has declared uberPOP illegal."

*This story was updated to include Uber's statement.