Trump's tax plan is all about the rich: Teamsters President James Hoffa

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Tax reform is all about tax cuts for the rich: James Hoffa

International Brotherhood of Teamsters President James Hoffa on tax reform.

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, James Hoffa, International Brotherhood of Teamsters president, said President Trump’s tax plan favors the rich.

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He sparked a debate with Bartiromo after she asked him if he was happy with the tax reform package.

“It’s tax cuts for the rich right now,” he said. “Forty percent of the tax cuts go to the one percent… That’s not fair to America right now…We can’t attack Social Security disability... They are attacking student loans. They are attacking things that make America strong.”

He also disagreed with Bartiromo when she said Social Security and Medicaid were on their way to “going broke.”

“They are not going to go broke if you give them money… This is the richest country in the world right now and giving it to the rich people is not the answer to save America right now,” he said.

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In his opinion, creating programs to train the next generation and taking care of the most vulnerable are key to making America strong. “The rich are all set, they don’t need our help,” he added.

Kevin Brady just walked through taking the three brackets all the way down to 10, 12, 25%, that’s cutting taxes for broadly America,” Bartiromo pointed out. “Fifty percent of the middle class do not pay taxes, so I’m just trying to understand what you’re saying in terms of this tax package.”

To which Hoffa replied, “To get there they are taking money from the most vulnerable people right now. They are cutting Medicaid… Trying to cut Social Security disability. They are trying to go after Planned Parenthood. They are going after every issue that you can talk about to get this money. Where does this money coming from? We’ve got to run the country don’t we? And we need billions of dollars to run this [country] and they are taking billions of dollars from the most vulnerable and giving it to the rich people. That’s not the answer,” he said.

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