Trump pulled golf out of the 'doldrums': Greg Norman

Ten years ago the global financial recession roiled everything in its path, leaving no corner unturned, including the golf industry. But now, golf legend Greg Norman is thanking President Trump for turning the tide.

“The game of golf has been in the doldrums, but now it’s not and I want to thank President Trump for pulling us all out of it,” Norman on Wednesday told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney.

Internationally known as “Great White Shark,” Norman is among the greatest golfers in the game’s history. He has shifted his attention from the fairway to the boardroom traveling the world vying for new opportunities for the game of golf.  He said that he’s seeing momentum pick up in his golf course development business in America.

“We are actually seeing pre-GFC (global financial crisis) days in my golf course design business,” he said. “And it is a true economic indicator about the stability that’s been happening with deregulation of a lot of things. We are seeing it here in the United States — the uptick in our business, not only in just the soft woods but in the consumer products [and] golf courses.”

A record number of newcomers hit the greens in 2017, according to the National Golf Foundation’s 2018 Golf Industry Report. In addition, its participation base remained steady at an estimated 23.8 million golfers last year.

Aside from representing more than a dozen companies globally with the Greg Norman Company, Norman is excited about his recent investment in a virtual broadcasting studio, which allows viewers to pick the commentator on a sport.