Trump: Looking at NBC Pageant Cancellation ‘Very Seriously’

Republican presidential hopeful and entrepreneur Donald Trump is suing Univision for $500 million, and he may not stop there. After more than 10 years of hosting NBC’s “The Apprentice,” Trump learned earlier this week that the network was cutting ties as a result of his controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants.

He told FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo “NBC will be next to come, we are looking at it very seriously and we will make a…determination.”

Trump argues NBC was upset with him for running for president because the show was doing so well.

“NBC and I had a great relationship for twelve years with ‘The Apprentice’ and … as you know ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ had a really great season last year – they were very, very intent and very saddened when I decided to run for president…. I told them, if I’m not doing well, if I’m not resonating, I will leave and probably do ‘The Apprentice.’ They were not happy about that at all, that caused a lot of problems,” he said.

Trump is seeking $500 million from Univision over contract termination rights, after the company canceled the broadcast of the upcoming pageant.

“The Univision is very interesting because they had a contract… that we signed in January - - a very lengthy contract. They competed against Telemundo and others – they got it—it has no termination rights. They haven’t even sent us a letter… you can’t do that, you know it doesn’t work that way,” he said.

Trump says he still plans on attending the pageant, even though it was “abandoned” by NBC.

“The pageant is going to be on… I’m going to go to it—it’s on in two weeks on Sunday… I think it would be only fair to the women that are there,” he said.

Trump says although the shows were successful, the cancellations weren’t a big blow to his bottom line.

“From a business standpoint, it’s a small business for me, as are the things we are talking about,” he said.