Trump Jr.’s Take on Campaign Trail: Business as Usual

Donald Trump may be running for President, but it’s business as usual for his son Donald Trump Jr. During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Trump Jr. discussed how life has changed since his father’s announcement.

“We have a big business and we are running that. I think it’s been great for us, that it’s been very validating for me, for my siblings, that he’s willing to step away from the office as much as he has... he’s on the road every day… he entrusts not only his business, but the livelihood of the tens of thousands of people that he employs in the Trump Organization and letting us run the ship. It’s been great,” he said.

Trump Jr. explained what life was like on the campaign trail.

“It’s fascinating to be a fly on the wall. But we’ve had so many experiences in our lives. Just getting to be around him and watch these things happen, whether it be just the ordinary course of business, whether it be watching him as a celebrity on The Apprentice, now doing the campaign trail… He’s just an incredible guy to watch.”

He also talked about the biggest issue for his father when it comes to jobs, the economy and growth.

“He sees so much waste in the government. So much waste in efficiency and bureaucracy and that’s something that I’ve watched him for years just cut right through. That’s what he does best. He hits the big issues, sees what they are and puts someone in charge who really knows what they are talking about. He doesn’t accept failure. When there is failure and there is a stalemate he changes up those things,” he said.

When asked what has changed most about his father since entering the race he said: “It’s a grueling process… I wouldn’t wish running on my worst enemy -- and just getting to see him out there and really showing the world the level of energy he has -- no one’s going to beat him on energy.”

Should Mr. Trump become President in 2016, Trump. Jr. expects to continue to expand a “larger footprint” in business.