Trump Fires Back at Critics

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Trump: National security leaders who signed letter not relevant

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Republican national security leaders' open letter opposing Trump, his tax reform plan to boost the economy and his potential cabinet.

Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump, in an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, responded to GOP officials warning’s that he would put the nation’s security ‘at risk.’

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“I wasn’t using any of them. They would have loved to have been involved with the campaign… Look where the country is now on national policy. Look where we are on defense… Look at the mess we are in—whether it’s the Middle East or [anywhere] else and these were the people that have been there long time -- Washington establishment people,” he said.

Trump noted that he won the primaries by “fighting all of these insiders,” who people are rejecting.

“I got 14 million votes… Which is the most in the history of the primary system [for] Republicans.  Frankly, people are fighting exactly what these people are doing,” he said.

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He also discussed his economic plan and growth the U.S. might see as a result of his 15% business tax.

“It’s going to really push the economy forward--I think it’s going to push it forward big league.  By the way trillions of dollars that is right now at least two and half trillion, could be five is outside of the country. They can’t get that money in – that money is going to come in. There will a 10% tax to pay on it and that money will come roaring in too,” he said.

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