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This fitness app provides you with a personal trainer in the palm of your hand. This free service helps you discover new brands and see the latest trends on real people before you buy. And clothing exchange service ThredUp expands its inventory to accommodate juniors.

App in Training

Exercise app GAIN Fitness just launched a new feature to help those who like to skip the monthly gym fees have a truly personal training experience. The trainer marketplace lets users download different workouts, from yoga to pilates to cross training. The unique, trainer-led workouts include voice instructions from expert trainers. You can track your progress and share your workout activities with friends through the app’s social features. The app, available for iOS, is free. You can purchase different workouts within the app for just $0.99 to $17.99 each. Download it here.

Click here for a free workout and enter the amount of time you have to work out, where you’ll be (at home or in the gym), what your fitness goal is (weight loss or muscle building) and what areas you want to focus on (full body, upper or lower body or core). Click the “Build Workout” button and in just seconds you have an entire routine – with sets, reps and weight information, plus how-to videos and other details including an estimate of calories burned.

Style Guide

Mobile app Beaucoo promises to help you discover new looks, brands and retailers through social connections. When you sign up for Beaucoo, you create a personal profile specifying your sizes then share snapshots of yourself at home or in-store wearing various outfits. You get feedback while helping others of similar shape and size find new looks they love. Download the iOS free at the app store.

Android users, have no fear. Beaucoo will be coming to Google Play soon--but in the meantime, check it out at

thredUP Grows Up

OnSale told you about gently-used kids clothing exchange thredUP, which helps parents find cheap clothes for the kids and share the goods the little ones have outgrown. Now the company is offering an apparel exchange for junior girls. Get cash for like-new clothes and find great deals on good brands.

Calculate how much your stuff is worth at using the site’s calculator, which prompts you to enter the brand, size and category.

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