Thousands Erupt Outside of Indonesian Mall Over BlackBerry Bold

Thousands of people in Indonesia reportedly lined up Friday morning to try and get their hands on the first batch of BlackBerry Bold 9790 smartphones to hit store shelves around the world.

Hundreds of police were deployed to the Indonesian mall as fears mounted that a riot could ensue, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Research in Motion (NASDAQ:RIMM) was offering a 50% discount on the phone for the first 1,000 buyers, causing lines to form in front of the Pacific Place mall on Thursday night, according to the report.

By Friday morning, people outside of the mall started to get impatient and even started rattling the gates, the Associated Press said. When rumors hit that the smartphones were sold out, the crowd of 3,000 went nuts.

While the Associated Press notes several people fainted in the mob, it did not report whether there were any injuries or deaths.

The frenzy somewhat mimicked scenes seen across the U.S. early on Black Friday, a term coined by the U.S. when retailers offer door-buster deals to try and attract shoppers ahead of the holiday season.

This year, in Los Angeles, authorities are searching for one woman who reportedly used pepper spray in Wal-Mart, injuring 20 people, to protect her shopping cart. In North Carolina, authorities are hunting for two suspects after gunshots rang in and outside a mall in Fayetteville around 2:00 AM.