This iPhone case doubles as a stun gun

A Baton Rouge, Louisiana, startup is hoping to take a stun gun iPhone case known as the Yellow Jacket to the next level after seeing a spike in sales in recent months.

“We sold about a hundred thousand dollars in revenue since December, and now we are looking to raise capital because we want to provide a solution for all model phones for everyone in the U.S.,” Chris Zavala, president of Yellow Jacket Case, told FOX Business.

The device was invented in 2011 by a former military police officer after he was robbed at gunpoint in his home. Zavala is now working to expand sales after he and his business partner Joseph Jobe acquired the device.The Yellow Jacket costs $79 to $159, and there is an additional fee for a text message alert service.

The target demographic for the Yellow Jacket is women, according to Zavala.

“Because 90% of women are attacked from behind, even if you had a firearm or pepper spray you can’t really defend yourself,” he said. “But if you have a Yellow Jacket on your phone and you're texting, you can hit the bad guy in the arm and then turn around and hit him in the neck, chest or groin to create time and space for you to get away.”

What’s more, as soon as a user fires off a 650,000-volt punch, a text message is sent to five people to let them know of her location.

“You don’t need to call anyone,” he added. “You just use the stun gun, and help is on the way.”