This entrepreneur claims he will live to 180

We all know living to 122 years is possible because Jeanne Calment of France did it in 1997—making her the oldest person ever, according to history books.

But one entrepreneur claims he has figured out a way to live to 180 years old after spending over a million dollars biohacking his body.

“What I’m betting on is that by removing risk and by doing the right things with food, exercise and lifestyle, I can easily do 120 and the other 50% on top of that comes from something called technology,” Dave Asprey, CEO and founder of Bulletproof tells FOX Business.

Asprey, who famously created the Bulletproof coffee phenomenon a few years ago, urging health enthusiasts to add two tablespoons of butter in their morning joe to increase weight loss and brain power throughout the day, says he figured out the key to longevity is by tapping into his mitochondria, which are known as “powerhouses of the cell.”

The structures are the parts of cells that turn sugars, fats and proteins that we eat, into forms of chemical energy so the body can use.

“What we're talking about here is what if you built an environment around you that gives your body what it needs so you can use your own existing hardware in order to run it at full power,” he says. “Biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside of you so that you can have full control of your own biology.”

Some of the ways Asprey biohacks his mitochondria to work at their maximum capacity is by taking a various amount of supplements, taking cold showers, practicing intermittent fasting and getting better sleep.

“The first trick is to try to skip breakfast,” he says. “We didn’t evolve to eat every minute.”

Secondly, during your morning shower, try to turn the dial all the way to cold for as long as you can.

“After four days, it stops feeling bad and it turns on fat burning and gives you tons of energy all day long for about one minute of discomfort,” he says.

The cold water, he adds, is actually telling “your cells that aren’t weak enough to get warm to die and get out of the way, so young, new strong ones can be formed.”

His last tip is to ditch the grains once and for all and focus on good, quality fats like grass-fed butter, coconut oil and avocados.

“The hypothesis here is that all of us have way more energy than we know and we can tap into it and that when we all have enough energy, we're wired to be nice and kind to each other.”