The Visual Guide to Attaining 'Inbox Zero'

I've attained "inbox zero" before – that near-mythical state in which your inbox has zero unread messages – but never for long. I think my record was maybe 30 seconds before my phone vibrated and, yep, look – another email!

But that was before online personal lenders NetCredit released the following infographic, which handily outlines a comprehensive system for managing your unruly inbox. You can't control what other people do – though I know I wish I could. First thing I'd do is ban from the internet for life anyone who ignores your "I'll be out for the week!" autoresponder and emails you multiple times about the same issue while you're on vacation. (This happens often to me.)

Sorry – got a little off script there. Point is, inbox zero doesn't have to be a pipe dream. You, too, can achieve it – if you just know how to prioritize your email. Check out the full infographic below: