The profession where people skip breakfast the most

Sometimes there just ain’t no time for breakfast. If you’re lucky maybe you grab a power bar or Pop-Tart to eat as you rush to your train or in the car or maybe all you need is a big coffee. However, whether you make breakfast a priority or not can actually depend on many factors including what industry you work in.

Best Mattress Brand polled 1,000 people (respondents ranged in age from 18 to 75 with an average age of 35) about their breakfast habits and found that those who worked in the legal industry did not start off their day with breakfast (24%.) Guess they never showed that part on Law & Order. This group was followed by hospitality and technology workers.

As for who does make breakfast a priority, people who work in marketing and advertising are all about that first meal of the day followed by those who work in education and arts and entertainment. Check out the rest of the industries in the infographic below.

As for which generation cares about the breakfast the least it is Millennials for the win. Yup, in addition to golf and tuna they are also killing breakfast (but they do love a good brunch.) Baby Boomers are the most likely to eat breakfast followed by Gen X. Baby boomers ate breakfast nearly five days a week on average, while Gen Xers only did 3.8 days and Millennials were at 3.5.

Interestingly people who got the best sleep, regardless of age, were 33% more likely to eat breakfast on a daily basis compared to those with poor sleep quality. It’s like the more sleep you get the healthier you are!

The most common excuse for skipping breakfast was lack of time. Over 60% said they were too busy in the mornings, and more than 40% of people admitted to oversleeping, and more than 1 in 3 said they had to prepare for the day ahead in lieu of nutrition. Here were some of the other top reasons for skipping Tony the Tiger’s favorite meal.

Meredith Lepore is the Deputy Editor of Ladders and can be reached at