The Lash Lounge Growing in Texas

Small Business Spotlight: The Lash Lounge, @thelashlounge

Who: Anna Phillips

What: An eyelash extension salon

When: 2006

Where: Dallas-Fort Worth

How: “The Lash Lounge is an eyelash extension salon,” says founder Anna Phillips. She says the salons also sell a private-label cosmetic line, and feature a boutique in the front lobby.

Currently, there are seven locations in Texas, with two more slated to open in Houston and Austin.

“The first full set is the big investment that starts around $250,” says Phillips. From then on, refills cost between $50 and $75, and are done every two to three weeks.

Biggest challenge: “The biggest challenge is growing the business to where I’m no longer working in the business but working on the business,” says Phillips.

One moment in time: Phillips is proudest of the growth, and the fact her staff is so passionate about the company.

Best business advice: “The best business advice is probably to document all of the processes and procedures I’m developing, so I don’t have to go back to try to remember,” says Phillips. “It helps to have your step-by-step process, so you can pass it on to someone else as you grow personally.”