Texas residents' home under water after Harvey

Lisa Wald Lundquist’s home once stood in the Houston area, but is now under water after the devastating rains and floods caused by Harvey. She joined FOX Business to share her story.

“This has just been surreal. It’s devastating. I can barely wrap my head around what’s going on,” Lundquist told Neil Cavuto on Cavuto Coast to Coast on Monday.

Her home lies within a flood zone and has been prone to flooding, but nothing as fierce as Harvey, she said.

“Water in the streets, certainly. Water in our driveway-- but water in our house, no.”

According to Lundquist, although her home was protected by flood insurance, it would not cover the price of her home.

“We were just told last night, just to add more to our troubles, that the money that we should get is less than a quarter of even the value of our home.”