Texas, Louisiana show America at its best: Stuart Varney

It was inspiring. No other word for it – in the middle of a human tragedy, ordinary Americans came to the rescue.

Tuesday brought out the best in us. After four days of torrential rain, Texas hoped for some relief, but it was not to be. The flood waters kept on rising, and when a reservoir spilled over, another area was suddenly under water.

In came the citizens navy, and our own Jeff Flock was there to show the world, on live TV, what Americans can do for each other.

It was inspiring. A local pastor, pushing a boat, picking up whomsoever he could including a woman and her children. And she was grateful to her rescuers! When was the last time you saw heartfelt gratitude!

As America’s worst natural disaster developed, volunteers appeared by the thousand, and they came from all over. Nobody told them to go. Nobody organized the effort. They just showed up with their boats and went looking for people in need of a ride to safety.

It’s not over; Harvey has made landfall again, the torrential rain has shifted east. Now they need boats on the Texas/Louisiana state line...26 inches of rain fell in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area in the last 24 hours. Is there any doubt the volunteer navy will be out in force again?

I think it’s worth pointing out the difference between the elites, and ordinary people. While the Cajun navy went to work, the media was sniping at Melania’s shoes. This morning, the media is sniping at the president. "He keeps the focus on himself," says the Washington Post.


Texas, and now Louisiana, show America at its best. Bring that picture up full please, because that’s who we are, and we like what we see!