Survey: Small-Businesses Leaning Right in November Elections


Although the election is five months away, Mitt Romney is the front-runner in the small business community, according to one recent poll.

Manta, an online community for small businesses, recently polled 1,213 small-business owners on their wellness in the second quarter of 2012, as well as their current political standings. Manta shared the survey results exclusively with

The Republican nominee has a lead against the president, as 38% of respondents said they plan to vote for Mitt Romney, compared to 28% of small-business owners reporting they plan to vote for Barack Obama. Six percent said they do not plan to vote in the November elections and 27% said they were undecided.

One third of small business owners said they felt the recall election in Wisconsin, in which Gov. Scott Walker (R) won against Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was a prediction of what lies ahead in November, while 21% disagreed. Nearly half of respondents said they didn’t know.

In the past quarter, small-business owners were split nearly 50-50 on the credit environment. Forty-four percent said access to credit and loans was better in the past three months, and 55% said it was worse.

Finally, nearly three-fourths (73%) said they are feeling optimistic about the economy post-elections.