Sony tries again: Limited 'Interview' release gives moviegoers chance to send protest message

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Sony's flip-flop on releasing "The Interview" shows the studio is working furiously to try to chart the right course through political and public-opinion minefields.

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Sony Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton said Tuesday that Seth Rogen's North Korea farce "will be in a number of theaters" beginning Thursday. He says Sony also hopes to release it on more platforms and in more theaters.

That's after Sony last week canceled the film's Christmas Day release in the wake of a hacking and after threats of terroristic attacks, a move that sparked criticism from President Barack Obama and widespread public outcry.

Analysts don't believe the decision will have any effect on Sony's image. But many moviegoers and theater operators are enthusiastic. Among them is Atlanta's Plaza Theater owner Michael Furlinger, who says he's thrilled.