Sony Still Unsure When PlayStation Network Will Restart

Sony (NYSE:SNE) hopes to fully restore its PlayStation Network by the end of May after a massive security breach forced closed its system, affecting millions of online accounts.

The company, though, acknowledged on Tuesday that it is still unable to say for sure when its PlayStation Network will be back online, according to Dow Jones Newswires. It had originally predicted a restart in early May.

The tech giant also confirmed Tuesday that personal data from another 24.6 million user accounts was stolen in the hacker attack last month, according to the Associated Press, citing Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka.

While the company said on May 3 that the hackers may have stolen that data, its announcement on Tuesday brings total confirmed stolen accounts to more than 100 million.

Sony said personal data, including credit card numbers, might have been stolen from another 77 million customers.

While Fukuoka declined to disclose details on the ongoing investigation, he said the company has yet to receive reports of illegal uses of stolen information.

The Tokyo-based company said it discovered last month’s breach when engineers and security consultants were reviewing the Sony Online Entertain systems, which include its popular PlayStation gaming system, which allows players to connect online.

Sony has come under criticism for its handling of the attacks, with customers complaining about the three-week system shutdown, and others criticizing Sony for not revealing it had been attacked until it already launched an investigation.

The Japanese tech conglomerate is granting customers 30 days of additional time on their subscriptions for the mess and compensation of one day for each day the system remains down.