Sol Republic Launches New Color Customization for Headphones

Sol Republic launched new customization options for its line of Tracks and Tracks HD headphones, letting customers mix and match to create their own color scheme and even add artwork to their headphones' headbands.

FOX Business reviewed Sol Republic's $99.99 Tracks headphones in October, and one of the set's distinguishing features was the detachable pieces, which the company said would later on allow customers to mix and match colors to their liking.  The headphones initially came in black, red, or white, and the company said additional colors and designs would be released later in the year.

Sol Republic has now delivered on that promise by partnering with Colorware and allowing wearers customize their headsets with several color schemes, artwork, or messages.

The Colorware-customized headphone sets will set you back $225 for Tracks and $250 for Tracks HD.

Owners of the entry-level Tracks headphones can purchase a new headband alone for $50 if they'd like to take advantage of the many new color options.