Snapchat buys Bitmoji creator Bitstrips

By Todd HaseltonTechnoBuffalo

Snapchat made a pretty big scoop last night. The social network, particularly popular among teens, scooped up another teen-friendly company named Bitstrips.

If you’re unfamiliar with Bitstrips, it allows users to create the “Bitmoji” that you might have seen in text messages or chat rooms. Bitmoji allows you to create personal avatars that can look just like you or your friends, and place them in some pretty hilarious scenarios. Mine is included at the top of this post

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Fortune first reported the news and said that Snapchat was ready to cough up somewhere around $100 million for Bitstrips “via a mix of cash and stock.” The news outlet didn’t detail what Snapchat’s plans are for Bitstrips.

It’s possible we’ll see Bitmoji embedded into Snapchat in some fashion, but we suspect much of the Bitmoji fanbase would rather see Snapchat add new options to the existing service.