Single vs. Married: Which Is Better for Business?


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Margalit Grunberger, Gotcha Covered, Burbank, Calif. Status: Single Benefit: I'm not limited at all by any schedule or time constraint. I also have the ability to be involved in other organizations because I have the time. I have a lot of flexibility and the ability to expand my world more because there's extra time to do it. Challenge: I socialize and spend time with friends, but a romantic relationship is the one big part of my life that I don't have. It feels like something's missing. When you're in a happy relationship, there's someone to come home to and talk about the day. It would be a good support. Looking for love? Yes.  My life is good but [a romantic relationship] would make my life a little more delightful. I feel like when that part of my life is good, I approach my work with even more focus. Related: Single vs. Married Entrepreneurs: Who Has the Edge? Young Guns: An Entrepreneur Selling Exclusivi-tee

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