Sheriff Clarke: Progressive Policies Have Wrecked Some Great American Cities

During an interview on the FOX Business Network’s Varney & Co. Tuesday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke discussed Donald Trump’s recent appeal to the African-American community.

“The Democrats take the black vote for granted so they don’t have to appeal to anything… I haven’t heard Mrs. Clinton talk about the urban pathologies in the American ghetto that are the result of progressive urban policies – failed policies…“[Trump] is making an appeal. He is pleading to black Americans who are stuck in these ghettos. The American ghetto has replaced cotton fields where Democrats have gathered black [Americans] and these horrible miserable conditions all for political power,” he said.

Even though black Americans have largely showed outward support for Democrats in previous presidential elections, Clarke said they have traditionally voted Republican.

“It was Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who freed the slaves. It was the Republicans in Congress [that] did the heavy lifting to get the Civil Rights Act passed as well as the voting rights…Once we reconnect black people with their history… their eyes will open and they’ll see they’ve been hoodwinked by this monolithic voting for Democrats,” he said.

He also said the conditions of the American ghetto need to be discussed.

“These progressive policies have wrecked some great American cities…Look at Chicago right now – 455 murders to date. That’s more than the deaths of coalition forces in Afghanistan since the start of Obama’s second term in 2013,” he said.