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In this month's installment of Selling It:


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So . . . what should the owners do with this object? Back to top


"When we bought this banner from Walmart," writes a Massachusetts reader, "we sort of expected it to say, well, 'Happy Birthday.' " Back to top

Rosé cough medicine, please

A Texas Walgreens was clearly excited about those new flavors. Back to top

Armed and dangerous

Thank goodness this potato gun is "completely harmless." Unless you're an animal . . . or a person. Maybe it's harmless when used on potatoes. Back to top

Rock on, Mancala

Back in February, we mentioned a reader who bought a similar game only to find that the "colorful playing pieces" advertised on his box were clear glass. Now this, from an Arizona reader. "The rocks play just about as well as the glass," he writes, "but lack the style." Back to top

Koala on holiday

Lands' End may have forgotten where koalas live. Hint: It's not in the Aloha State.Back to top

Do no harm?

This CVS might want to buy a "p" lest shoppers flock to another drugstore. Back to top

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