Samsung launches Tizen TVs in home market, plans to power washers and fridges with own OS too

South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. has started domestic sales of high-end televisions powered by its Tizen operating system and plans to add washing machines, fridges and other appliances to the range of products that use the software.

Samsung said sales of Tizen-powered ultra-HD TVs began Thursday in South Korea. The new TVs come in four sizes from 55 inches diagonally to 88 inches. The smallest model costs 5.49 million won ($5,000).

The company's smartphones and tablets rely on Google's Android operating system despite its efforts to develop Tizen as an alternative. Currently Samsung is focusing on pushing the Tizen OS into living rooms and eventually into kitchens and other corners of the home.

Kim Hyun-seok, head of Samsung's TV business, said all of Samsung's Internet-connected TVs will be powered by Tizen this year as well as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and robotic vacuum cleaners.

At a press conference, Samsung executives emphasized what consumers could do with the new televisions, as well as touting the superior color range of the displays compared with standard TVs.

After startup, the screen of Tizen-powered televisions displays most recently used apps and recommendations. The company said users of Samsung's Galaxy mobile devices can stream content from their phones to the television with one tap on the screen.

Samsung said it increased the number of games, videos and movie offerings.

The company did not give launch plans for overseas markets.