Rep. Brad Sherman (D) CA: ISIS Strategy Needs To Be Adjusted

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Dem lawmaker: Must change rules of engagement with ISIS

Rep. Brad Sherman, (D-Calif.), discusses U.S. policy in the Middle East.

In response to a question at a joint press conference with Argentinian President Mauricio Macri on Wednesday, President Obama said his top priority is “to defeat ISIL.”

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Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman of California says although the fight against ISIS is a primary concern of the President, the strategy for combating the terror organization needs to be reviewed, and possibly adjusted.

“I would say that is our number-one policy in the Middle East, maybe our number-one policy for national security,” Sherman told Stuart Varney. “What we ought to be doing is changing our rules of engagement for dealing with ISIS. While we say we’re arming the right rebels in Syria, we insist that they swear that they will not fight against Assad.”

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The Congressman continued, adding: “And so for that reason, we have only dozens of fighters on the front lines that have been armed by the United States. We say we’re bombing ISIS, but only when we think there’s a zero percent chance of a single civilian causality. If you run a bombing campaign that way, it’s not a serious bombing campaign.”

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