Regulation: When is Enough, Enough?

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The Growing Animosity Towards Regulations

FBN’s Gerri Willis on the growing negative sentiment among voters and politicians towards the growing number of regulations.

Tonight Regulation Nation week continues. It's our look at how the regulatory culture of this country is impacting businesses - and consumers. And it turns out the public is growing more and more frustrated with the red tape! A survey conducted by the polling firm The Tarrance Group was given to the non-partisan organization Public Notice. It showed three-quarters of American voters believe there are too many regulations coming from Washington. Not surprisingly the survey shows nearly all Republicans feel that way... but also more than half of Democrats are complaining about overregulation.

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What has them the most concerned is the impact all of these new rules will have on jobs, which of course is the number-one issue for Americans and lawmakers. Nearly half of those polled say increased regulations will lead to further job losses, and seven in ten feel they will force American businesses to send more jobs overseas. While the impact on businesses is worrisome, consumers are not unscathed by the growing number of regulations. According to the survey, three-quarters believe every time the government imposes another rule, prices for American shoppers go up, whether its fuel, food, etc. Voters themselves also feel personally impacted beyond rising pricesa majority of both conservatives and liberals say they've been negatively impacted. They cite new rules governing the banking or financial industry and even that pesky light bulb mandate we all know and love! Now I'm not calling for anarchy here, obviously there have to be some rules and regulations by the government. I like clean drinking water, safer schools and safer workplaces as much as the next person. But the huge swell of government intervention in the last few years has gone entirely too far! Keep in mind Obama's administration has already proposed 219 regulations this year - with a cost to the economy of more than $100 million each. Our economy is facing struggles like most of us have never seen. It's preposterous for our government to be going out of its way to create more costly and job-killing rules - no matter how well-intentioned they may be. The White House should be going the extra mile to pave the way for job creation - not creating roadblocks businesses have no hope of overcoming.

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