Rand Paul: I Suspect Trump's Not Really Conservative At All

Republican presidential candidate and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul believes he has what it takes to stand out among his competitors at the next GOP debate, co-hosted by Fox News and Google (NASDAQ:GOOG).

“I think my voice is unique on the stage,” Paul said. “I think the government has gone way too far in collecting all our private information- our phone records, our credit card information. I’m also alone on the stage in thinking the government’s gone too far in putting teenagers in jail for marijuana and minor offenses."

The Senator added: I’m also alone on the stage in saying I think that our military interventions in the Middle East have often backfired and led to unintended consequences. I frankly think that toppling Gaddafi led to chaos in Libya and the rise of radical Islam. Frankly, I think the same will happen in Syria if we try to topple Assad.”

As for his thoughts on Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s decision to opt out of the next GOP debate, Paul said: “I think he’s [Trump] really afraid that the more he’s exposed, the more people might know that he’s not really a conservative.”

He added: “He’s been a progressive Democrat most of his life, so I suspect he’s not really conservative at all.”