Price Comparisons from Amazon and Radio Stations by Spotify

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Amazon has a way to identify the real deals this holiday season and check out this new website that offers entertainment for everyone. Spotify has a new, personalized streaming music feature, and this new app offers a personalized party music experience.

Amazon Price Check

Amazon’s Price Check mobile app for Android and iPhone helps shoppers find the best price on holiday gifts for friends and family. The app uses barcode scanning technology along with a camera, speech and text feature, to search for products and find the lowest price from and Amazon merchants.

The technology also captures in-store prices to help Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) guarantee customers get the best price. And, if you find the item you’re looking for at a price that fits your budget, you can buy it via the Android or iPhone app.

Free Entertainment

Traveling this holiday season and looking for something fun to do in your destination? Or maybe you’re having family come visit from out of town and need something to keep them entertained. Check out EventGrabber.

The new website lists local events, such as comedy shows, concerts, parties, live music, networking events, conferences, and sporting events according to a user’s personality and interests. Local events are aggregated from Facebook, local radio stations, online newspapers, and other local publications. EventGrabber lets anyone sign up, and asks a few questions to help match personalities with local events. Users can also sign in with their Facebook account. Right now, EventGrabber only has local listings for Orlando, but more locations are coming next year.

Spotify Radio

OnSale told you about Spotify’s arrival in the U.S., and now the music service is re-launching Spotify Radio. Much like Pandora and Slacker Radio, Spotify Radio users can create a personalized radio station by selecting their favorite artist or song title. Spotify will then build a radio station with similar sounds through its new “recommendation engine”, choosing among 15 million tracks. There are no limits to how many stations a person can build, and songs can be skipped an unlimited number of times. The feature is available to both paid and free Spotify subscribers. Apps will be available soon, and a sneak peek is available here.

Songs via TuneTug

Speaking of Spotify, holiday party-goers will now have a way to help select the songs played at social gatherings this season. New app TuneTug allows guests to request, via mobile phone app, the songs they want to hear. The app works with music from an iTunes library or Spotify Premium. Up to 600 songs from a host’s music collection can be added to a TuneTug party playlist.

Guests can log in via TuneTug, and request or vote for the songs they want to hear next. TuneTug Social DJ is available for free via the iPhone app store.

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